[In Bed With Mahogany] NYE Expectations

Every year around this time people start thinking about their plans for New Year’s Eve. Some people wonder if they will have someone to kiss when the clock strikes twelve, and others wonder where the best party will be. Holiday movies can make you feel pressured to have the best New Year’s; and if you don’t, then something is wrong with you. Most holiday movies have storylines that revolve around lovers in a passionate embrace, a single woman at home alone crying, or friends at a huge party. It’s important to keep in mind that the people in the movies are characters, and you can define your New Years Eve however you want.

It’s okay to be single on New Year’s Eve! Plenty of people go out every year single and have a fabulous time with friends. Actually I think it’s better to go out when you are single because then you can kiss more than one person at midnight. Believe me, guys, you will be the envy of every other man in the room who is with a date. When you have a date, you are stuck with them all night and having to pay for them (depending on who did the asking). It can be an expensive evening if you buy something to wear, buy champagne, pay for dinner, and then buy tickets if you go to a party. However, if you’re by yourself then the cost is cut in half because you are only paying for one. So having a date as your accessory for the evening may not be the coolest trend.

No matter what you decide to do to say good bye to 2010 and hello to 2011, take time to reflect. Reflect on the bad and good things that you have gone through this year. Embrace the lessons that you have learned, assess the risks your willing to take, and your goals for next year.

So while you’re working on your New Years Eve, plans consider a few other options:

1. Go to church! Many churches have a New Year’s Eve service and it’s a great way to praise God for allowing you to see another year.

2. First Night Celebrations. Every city has a First Night Celebration that incorporates food, music, crafts, magic, and fireworks. It is truly an event for people of all ages. For more information you can search First Night along with your city name.

3. Have a dinner party at your home. Instead of spending money to party with strangers, spend time with the people you love. Host a dinner party at your home where you pick the guest list and the menu. Ask guests to bring a covered dish and/or a bottle of champagne or wine to make it cost effective.

If you have any questions email me at Mahogany2285@gmail.com or follow me @Lovedrmahogany on Twitter.

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